Cash Payments Digitised and Secured

pettyPAY® is a cash payment service for digital and physical products purchased online. Customers can select pettyPAY® as payment option for their online purchase and have the cash paid to a nearby pettyPAY® Partners.

How It Works


Makes an online purchase and selects pettyPAY® as payment option. Finds nearby pettyPAY® Partners using app.


Customer pays cash to pettyPAY® Partner quoting the order number, and pettyPAY® updates the Merchant.


Merchant upon receiving the payment confirmation from pettyPAY®, ships the product to the customer.


Merchants who sell products and services online can now accept Cash from their Customers using pettyPAY®. Other online services can benefit from using pettyPAY® Cash Payment ecosystem.



pettyPAY® Partners facilitate cash payment from Customers to Merchants. Partners gets the purchase details by entering the ‘Order ID’ from the customer and collects cash as payment. Partners can make extra income by using pettyPAY®.



Experience the convenience of paying cash for your online purchase with pettyPAY®. Locate nearby pettyPAY® Partners using your pettyPAY customer app and pay cash quoting your order ID, be it a, Online Tutorial, In App Purchase, Digital Product, or any Physical Goods.



pettyPAY® was started with a notion to enable people without internet banking or Debit Card or Credit Card to buy and pay for online purchases, we find that the online stores especially those selling digital only products (app stores, online tutorials) is restricted to only people with the above payment methods, while everyone can get really benefitted from these services but lack the method to pay.

The founders born and grew up in small towns still see their friends and relatives not able to fully enjoy and reap the benefits of online stores due to lack of cash payment, and that’s when the founders decided to take things in their own hands and enable the rest of the population (about 90%) to pay cash for online products and services, in the process, making it easy for online merchants and stores to accept last mile payments with minimal cost and faster payment turnaround time, pettyPAY® was built, to digitise cash and truly build a cashless society.

We’re in online payments, everything we do has to come through a payment system. In this region, it’s just a lot of cash payments. We should convert that in some kind of digital form, make it easier, and more secure. That’s how we win.

Tyson Hackwood - Head of Asia, Braintree

source TIA 2016

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